How to Build a Better Salad

     Today I slept a little later than usual because I had an orthodontist appointment at 8:15 so I stayed home from school until then. I hopefully will be getting my braces off in the next two months! Finally! I have had them on for almost four years now and I am so ready to say goodbye!


Like yesterday I made a smoothie but this time it was strawberry banana. I also had a mini bagel with peanut butter an top before heading to the orthodontist.


I made my lunch last night so all I had to do this morning was put it in my lunch box.  I made a HUGE salad which I ended up not being able to finish. I love salads and they are great for you too. They have to be just right though, some don’t have enough on them (who likes to eat just lettuce?) and some are loaded with stuff that completely takes away the health of it. To make a better salad you need lots of the good stuff.

  1. You need a base. Yes, lettuce is an obvious answer but there are so many kinds to choose from. You could also have a pasta, quinoa, bean or potato salad.
  2. Pick at least four vegetables. They are full of flavor and they all go good together. You can never get enough veggies!
  3. Cheese! Always add cheese to your salad. It might not be the healthiest choice being high in calories and fat but a little won’t hurt . If your a vegan they have a variety of dairy free cheese options.
  4. Add protien, it keeps you full longer and adds extra flavor. I like veggie burgers or black beans but if your a meat eater grilled chicken, turkey are great options too.
  5. Extras. Put in your favorite toppings whether its nuts, croutons or fruit
  6. Top it. To much dressing can ruin a salad. Go lightly on the dressing. Instead of dressing you can use salsa, or my personal favorite is Bolthouse farms yogurt dressing.
  7. Don’t forget a fork. If you taking the salad with you, don’t forget your fork. I have a problem remembering to pack one and our school cafeteria only offers plastic sporks. Spoons with little slits on the end. I still don’t see why they can’t invest in proper eating utensils! Its definitely hard to eat a salad with a spork .

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